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Rhonda was born in Tulsa, OK, attended Converse College in Spartanburg, S.C. and received her master’s degree from the University of Tennessee in 1982. After graduating, Rhonda worked for ProTemp, in Knoxville, TN, pursuing sales and marketing. There, she was marketing director until she moved to Nashville in 1990. Rhonda stayed busy as a mother of three and spent her spare time in volunteer and community endeavors. She was everyone’s “realtor” without being licensed. “I used to go to open houses on Sundays and tell friends, who were looking to buy, about the houses I previewed.”


The first house I sold after getting my real estate license in 1996 was a $1,000,000 house. That year, in Nashville, only 5 houses sold over $1,000,000. That year was a defining year in real estate as the market began to boom and it also defined my real estate career, as well. Actually, it carved a niche for me that would set me into sales in the “upper market” for many years. That first sale set the tone for my market.” However, as the market changes, so will my marketing and what I do.

I am fortunate to share my business with a full time partner, Robin Thompson, who is so very knowledgeable about the business. She has been in real estate management for much longer than I have and brings much to the table. Her strong character and personable personality appeals to all our clients. Plus, in this business, I simply don’t know how one agent does it. A client needs someone on call at all times. They simple don’t want their agent on the beach when their dream house comes on the market. One of us tries to be available all the time.

Rhonda has consistently sold 5 to 17 million dollars in annual sales. Because her average home sale has been somewhat high, she is often asked if she specializes in the upper priced market. “As we have seen a change in the real estate market over the years, I too have had to adjust my strategy of who I market. I do not specialize in anything but buyers and sellers………simple as that.” I am in this business because I have a passion for what I do……..I always have. I went to open houses and studied the market way before I ever was licensed. Like anything, I believe you are more successful in something if you love what you are doing. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to work with top quality clients and referrals only. I do not have to advertise myself on a park bench or a grocery cart. No, I spend my advertising dollars on the client, not on myself. All, all of my business is repeat and referrals from clients and I have been blessed in that area. I think that is the best compliment I can receive………my success continues to be rewarded and come back to me year after year. The relationships I have built with my clients are truly my greatest gift, not my success.

In 2008, Rhonda was listed in the top 1% realtors on Nashville (Nashville and Beyond).


Rhonda, and her husband Doug, have 3 children and live in Belle Meade. She enjoys reading, music, working out and traveling.

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